Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition used to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, and other large structures, as well as automate the functional testing of complex electronic systems.


“Smart” PXI Express 4-Channel 204.8 k Sa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator

EMX-4XXX Series

The EMX-4xxx product family contains high-performance breakout boxes (EMX-4008 and EMX-4016), smart high density dynamic signal analyzers (EMX-4250 and EMX-4251), smart PXIe 625 KSA/s 4-channel digizers (EMX-4350), and charge and IEPE PXIe 625 KSA/s 4-channel digitizers (EMX-4380).

EX10XX Series

The EX1000 family of LXI™ instruments are the most advanced, full-featured data acquisition solutions available on the market today. These scalable, standalone instruments provide superior measurement accuracy and repeatability thanks to fully integrated signal conditioning, advanced cold junction compensation (CJC), and end-to-end self-calibration. 

EX1200 Series

The EX1200 product family is a modular and scalable series of multifunction switch/measure units that can be configured to address a variety of applications in the mechanical data acquisition and electronic test environments.

EX1400 Series

The EX1400 Series includes the EX1401 and the EX1403A, which are both 16-channel measurement instruments.


48-Channel High Performance Strain Gauge Measurement Instrument

RX Series

VTI Instruments RX Series of instruments are designed to be used in harsh test cell environments. This reduces the cost of cabling and speeds up test installation. The RX Series is designed to operate in these harsh environments while providing the highest level of performance and accuracy.

Data Acquisition Software

VTI specializes in data acquisition software designed for the measurement of acoustic, vibration, temperature, pressure, strain, voltage, digital states, rpm or other transducer-based parameters.

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