LXI Series

LXI instruments range from LXI modules that plug into a chassis to standalone instruments that have dedicated LXI and hardware trigger bus connections. These instruments can be configured to measure many types of variables to precise values. Some of these instruments also incorporate 6.5-digit DMMs as well as user-programmable digital alarm circuits.

EX10XX Series

The EX1000 family of LXI™ instruments are the most advanced, full-featured data acquisition solutions available on the market today. These scalable, standalone instruments provide superior measurement accuracy and repeatability thanks to fully integrated signal conditioning, advanced cold junction compensation (CJC), and end-to-end self-calibration. 

EX1200 Series

The EX1200 product family is a modular and scalable series of multifunction switch/measure units that can be configured to address a variety of applications in the mechanical data acquisition and electronic test environments.

EX1400 Series

The EX1400 Series includes the EX1401 and the EX1403A, which are both 16-channel measurement instruments.


48-Channel High Performance Strain Gauge Measurement Instrument

EX7000 Series

The EX7000 family is the industry’s first series of scalable microwave subsystems built on an open-architecture Ethernet/LXI platform. This innovative family of products simplifies the development of custom RF Interface Units (RFIU) requirements with its common hardware platform and software communications interface, while maintaining the look and feel of a standard COTS product.


The LXI mainframes family includes 2-slot, half-rack LXI switching and data acquisiton mainframes (EX1202/EX1262), 16-slot, 3U LXI switching and data acquisition mainframes (EX1208A), and 6-slot, 1U LXI switching and data acquisition mainframes (EX1206A).

RX Series

VTI Instruments’s family of rugged instrumentation is designed and built to operate in some of the most extreme environmental conditions imaginable, without compromising measurement accuracy or performance.

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