Functional Test

Products and systems used to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, and other large structures, as well as automate the functional testing of complex electronic systems.

EMX Series

VTI's EMX family of instruments leverage the PXIe platform for improved performance and modularity. The EMX cards bring performance and value to the PXI platform with improved accuracy and precision. Designed to work as a system, the EMX cards are designed to function in a while variety of applications including data acquisition, functional testing, and simulation.

EX1200 Series

The EX1200 product family is a modular and scalable series of multifunction switch/measure units that can be configured to address a variety of applications in the mechanical data acquisition and electronic test environments.

EX7000 Series

The EX7000 family is the industry’s first series of scalable microwave subsystems built on an open-architecture Ethernet/LXI platform. This innovative family of products simplifies the development of custom RF Interface Units (RFIU) requirements with its common hardware platform and software communications interface, while maintaining the look and feel of a standard COTS product.


VTI's SMIP™ signal switching series revolutionized the automated signal switching marketplace by providing a level of modularity, density, and performance for the VXIbus platform that was unprecedented.

SMX Series

The SMX series is an extension of VTI’s award-winning EX1200 Series switch family. Designed using the same core philosophy of high-density without compromising on performance, the SMX Series brings instrument grade switching capability to PXI Express for the first time. Our SMX switch cards encompass everything from power switching to the widest range of microwave switching in the PXI platform. Our drivers and support software provide standard operation in Windows, Linux, and LabView but add additional capability through our award winning GUI.

VM/VMIP Series test

The award winning VXI Modular Instrumentation Platform (VMIP™) provides customers with a level of modularity for instruments that is unmatched in the industry. The VMIP™ makes a single VXIbus card slot three times more powerful than single device solutions. Each VMIP™ instrument can be mixed and matched with other VMIP™ devices for added flexibility.

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