VTI's SMIP™ signal switching series revolutionized the automated signal switching marketplace by providing a level of modularity, density, and performance for the VXIbus platform that was unprecedented.


The SMP1xxx product family is made up of SMIP single-slot base units (SMP1100) and SMIP double-slot base units (SMP1200).


The SMP2xxx product family includes power switch modules (SMP2001A and SMP2002A), 20 A power switch modules (SMP2003 and SMP2004), high voltage multiplexers (SMP2007A), high voltage switch modules (SMP2008 and SMP2009), 30 A power switch modules (SMP2012), 20A DC solid state power switches (SMP2104), and high-voltage coaxial switches (SMP2300 and SMP2300-93).


The SMP3xxx product family includes 64-channel multiplexers (SMP3001 and SMP3001DS), 16 1x8 1-wire multiplexers (SMP3002), 12 1x5 2-wire multiplexers (SMP3005), 24-channel digital analog converters (SMP3620), and the SMP3625.


The SMP4xxx product family includes 2 A matrix switches (SMP4001 through SMP 4007), 8 2x8 high-density coaxial matrixes (SMP4028), and 8x20 high-density coaxial matrixes (SMP4044).


The SMP5xxx product family includes general purpose 2 A relays (SMP5001, SMP5002, and SMP5003) and general purpose 5 A relays (SMP5004 and SMP5005).


The SMP6xxx product family includes coaxial switches >900MHz (SMP6001 and SMP6002), 500MHz coaxial stars (SMP6004 and SMP6005), dual 250MHz high-volage 1x16 coaxial stars (SMP6006), coaxial switches >1.3GHz (SMP6101, SMP6102, SMP6122, and SMP 6144), 75 Ω coaxial switches > 500MHz (SMP6202), and four self-terminated (1x4) coaxial trees >1.8GHz (SMP6301 and SMP6301T).


The SMP7000-15, SMP7000-160, SMP7000-25, SMP7000-44, and SMP7000-62 are modular prototyping modules.


This SMP product family includes 96-channel 300MA open-collector/relay drivers (SMP7500) and 5 W programmable loads (SMP7600A and SMP600A-S-11351).

SM7000 Series

The SM7000 Series microwave switching modules are members of the VXI Technology SMIPII™ family. They offer a modular design allowing custom switching configurations to be easily assembled and modified in the field.

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